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My name is Sumanda Maritz and this is my writing space. I praise God for the talents that He has given me. I've written freelance articles for I write chapters in The Story Mint serials and sometimes I just scribble. Those are all here.

I am also a photographer. If you are interested in having a look you can go to for artistic photography for sale. There is also a link to other photography that I've done on a blog. 

New chapters on The Story Mint

Sumanda Maritz has marvellous versatility as a writer as is demonstrated by her brilliant chapter for Silver Shoes

Sumanda Maritz has written an excellent first chapter for The Bridge. She's captured the voice of an old lady Betina meets...old and gravelly.

Sumanda Maritz from South Africa has captured superbly 18th century tin mines in England with this chapter 2.