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I’ve finished the www.ClassicDesign.co.za project.  They make the most beautiful custom made wood furniture.  See if you can spot my boy’s bed in there.  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s got a Ben10 duvet 🙂

You’ve got to know that boy’s are terrible when it comes to furniture and most of the single beds in the shops are just not strong enough to withstand the constant hammering that boy’s give to their beds.  This company manufactured these custom made beds so that they will be extra strong.  Strong enough to withstand anything my boys could dish out.

Last year December we took to the road for a whole week to take photo’s of a few of their custom projects.  We visited some amazing homes.

One of the nicest experiences in my photography career.

The website is now live and has been set up in the form of a blog.  This way any new furniture can be added the moment they’ve finished it.

The photographs at the top is a sliding menu that allows you to get a quick idea of the contents and then gives you a view of the posts that are related to that particular topic.


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