TPP – abstract photo…

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…based entirely on the compositional rules.

I need to thank  “The Galloping Granny” in Hartbeespoort for today’s TPP .  They very graciously allowed me to storm in there and start shooting like a genuine paparazzi.  And if you are in anyway interested in antiques, just contact Vince, Val and Angelo on 076 832 2250 / 072 545 1534 / 071 267 1879.


Right, quick note before you dig in.  I’m an over achiever, that means I will always take 50 photo’s where 10 would do.  With that in mind :-), let’s start with the first assignment.

Abstract One

This first one  is part of the signage for a new garage in Hartbeespoort.  You don’t want to know about the looks I got when I parked my car on the forecourt and proceeded to zoom in on their sign :-).   I think the fact that I filled up there helped matters though…  I particularly like the contrast between the colours.

Abstract Two

This was at Galloping Granny.  The inside hub and start of the spokes of an old wagon wheel.  The deteriorating wood gives marvelous texture to this picture.

Abstract Three

Again at Galloping Granny.  This is the inside cog of a farm implement (please don’t ask me what, since I’ve got no idea what it was supposed to do :-D).

Abstract Four

Galloping Granny’s.  This is part of (I think) a saxophone.  If I’m wrong, please let me know 🙂

Abstract Five

Galloping Granny’s.  I think this is an old calculator, but I could be dead wrong.  I just love the colours on this one.

Abstract Six

A study in texture.  This is a sort-of closeup of an old tank.

Abstract Seven

I absolutely love the colour in this one.  It’s the inflatable swimming pool we got for our kids in December.

The next pictures are still based on the compositional rules, but these aren’t abstracts.

Blue bottels
Old tank
Field grass
Red Weaver
Purple flowers
Red on green

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