TPP – 8 Feb 2011

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Oi, the things I do for my art…  I’m sunburned (forgot some key aspects of our summer sun) and itchy (after walking through a head high field of grass) all for today’s TPP.  I did take a short break halfway through, just to grab a hat and boots.  The one thing I don’t want to meet in the field is a poisonous snake in my sandals.  And after all of that I still didn’t get to the babbling brook…  *shaking my head in a disappointed manner*  So today you’re going to have to be satisfied with the pics I took of the water flowing through the overflow at our little dam. 😀

The first one

ISO 100 f/22 1/20
ISO 100 f/22 1/13
ISO 100 f/22 1/8

You’ll notice I put the ISO, f-stop and shutter speed at the bottom of each photo.  The bottom one shows more movement on the water, but is over exposed, where as the top one shows very little movement on the water.  The middle picture is my favourite of the lot.

Are you following the TPP’s?  Why not share your pics on Making It Work’s facebook wall?  I’d love to see the pics you’re taking.

Next week’s TPP will be lesson 3: the lense

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