TPP playing with lenses

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Today’s TPP was all about lenses.  First assignment was to take a picture with two different lenses.  Okay, I’m going to admit to taking a short cut on this one :D.  Instead of using two different lenses I used a zoom lens.

The second assignment was to take two pictures that are exactly the same. By changing the depth of field so that one is partially in focus and the other one has everything in focus.  I took this in the wild fig bush.  It’s not extremely exciting, but on the shallow depth of field photo I just love the shadowed effect of the other trees.

That was the extent of the assignments on lesson three.  But!  I was playing around with the zoom lens and came up with these zooming shots (covered in lesson 5 that we will be skipping)

And then, we’ll probably do a nice editing series of TPP’s, but I started with a crop and ended up with this:


Like I mentioned we’re going to skip lesson 4 and 5 in the MorgueFile classroom.  Lesson 4 deals with the various type of film you can shoot with and lesson 5 with soft focus, filters, zooming and panning.  Next week’s TPP will be about lesson 6:  Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography.  Way more fun, don’t you think?  If you do want to have a look at the other two lessons feel free to click on the links.


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