It breathes!

A couple of weeks ago Precious, my DG, came to me and said: “Martin has caught something.”
“Is it an animal?” I wanted to know from her and she said: “I don’t know, but it breathes!”

When I got outside her husband, Martin, was standing with the swimming pool net in his hands.  I took a look inside and saw this little ball of spines.

Carefully I rolled the little hedgehog into my hands and told them all about how it was trying to protect itself against any threat by rolling into a ball. Removing the grass that was stuck to it, until I could show them where the head and feet were rolled in.

I put it inside our newly finished chicken coop, so that I could show the kids when they got home.  Later in the afternoon once I had picked up the kids, this little guy had felt save enough to run up and down the fence, trying to get out.  Once the kids had the opportunity to oh and ah, I picked it up again and put it outside our household fence. Free to go back to the bushveld.


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  1. Aww, I once ran over one of these on the road in England. It just stood up on it’s hind legs and watched me coming at it with headlights on. The road was so narrow that there was nowhere for me to go!!!
    They are an endangered species in the UK and so I made a generous donation to the fund for the Protection of Hedgehogs.
    Gorgeous photos.

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