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I love photography and consider myself the family paparazzi.  Since I’ve had a lot of issues with clients, these days my photography is done for myself. To show the world through my eyes. And if I can sell prints that someone else enjoys as much as I do, I will. You can see the prints that I’m selling here.

I am…

• a freelance writer, when it suits me.

• a mom of 4 kids; three boys, one girl. Of the three boys, one is waiting for us in heaven. He’s also the only one that’s never naughty. The rest of them drive me crazy on a daily basis :D, that’s usually after they’ve also made my day.

• a glorified animal feeder. From kids, dogs, fish, geese, ringneck parrots and chickens. Oh, and the calf that should be fat, but isn’t and needs to go to the slaughterhouse in the near future. And then there was the cat(s).

• a lover of photography, the one thing I dreamed about as a career at school and never got around to until 2004.

• a sometimes depressed person with extremely strange thoughts. If you don’t mess with my meds I’m fine…

• someone who understands technology and in some instances have the ability to explain it to others.

• a fantasy book collector. I’m addicted to reading and have read just about every single genre ever written, but my big love stays with the fantasy stories I started reading as a child.

• a nature lover, which is why our cat will soon be an ex-cat. He’s picked up the unfortunate habit of killing off the local wild life. Maybe I should mention now that we live in the bushveld. Edit: the cat has only managed to kill one Agama, but has since killed a snake so back in our good books. Wait she (jip, you could have knocked me out with a feather, turns out he is a she) stole hubby’s chicken fillet, back on the “hit list”. Update: She cat gave birth to more cats. One we kept definitely male this time around. He stayed around for about 5 years. However, we recently rescued a Huskey and the cat decided to abandon us. We still see him occasionally, but for a barely tame cat, he is now as feral as the local jackals.

• a blogger, isn’t it strange how blogging starts to define you? Managed to make the finalist stage at the SA Blog Awards on my other blog in 2010 for best indigenous language, but having to compete against blogs that cater solely to the vulgar kinda takes the nice out of the feat.

• a wife to a fantastic husband that supports me, grounds me and tells me when I need to pickup my act.

• the local medicine man. The one that does the dosing, doctoring, blood and gore.

• the family beautician. Learned how to cut hair, by experimenting on the kids. They’re still fine, mostly…

• a half decent clothes maker. At least the kids aren’t complaining about the stuff (usually pj’s) I’ve made for them. 🙂

• a kiddie party planner. Each year I’ve got to come up with, plan, decorate and create 3 parties. On a minimum budget. That has to be fun. And hasn’t been done before… Update: Jeez, it gets a lot easier as they get older. Our “standard” party these days consists of 5 friends invited to Spur or Panarotti’s. Update: We’re back to parties at the house…

• a homemaker, meaning I move the furniture back to the place I want it to be after my DG has finished cleaning. 🙂 It also means that I am the architect, quantity surveyor and project manager of the planned renovations to our house. Update: no more DG, but maybe one in the very near future. However on the renovation front, I’ve had to step up quickly, that includes getting my hands dirty in the name of progress. Don’t ever wallpaper, it is messy… We have decided to sell and move closer to the kids’ school. Got a bargain on a vacant stand, but now we have to go through the whole building a new house from scratch. Oh, and it has to be full log meaning many days of having the city council to agree to our design spec. Plus I’m adding estate agent since we want to sell. Update: We scrapped the whole living close to the school thing. Sold the vacant stand and investing in renovations… again.

• a dreamer

• a friend, sometimes a good friend, sometimes a terrible friend, but mostly a fun friend.

• a landscape architect, which right at this moment consists of killing all the plants I don’t want in the garden. The new stuff I want has to be added in spring. It also means that I am waging war on the unwanted plant species in the veld. Update: I am still sorting out the garden, but now with the emphasis on selling. Update: Now sorting the garden out to be water-wise.

• desperately in need of an extreme makeover, both me and the home. But until the show hits South Africa will have to stick to doing the exercise routine. Now if only I could lose one kg for every personal trainer that has told me a woman cannot build muscle, I’d be on goal weight by now… Update: remember the depressed person thing? Well, in the last 3 years I’ve lost 30kg. I’m in the healthy BMI range. I did this in 2 ways, my depression meds have finally been fixed. No more comfort eating. Plus, I changed the size of my meals to no more than the size of my fist. And the weight just started dropping. I climb the stairs instead of the elevator and that was it. Now I just need to get fit, cardio exercises only! Unless I want to build more muscle… Nah!! Next update: So the meds stopped working, I picked up 22kg in 12 months! My doctor calls it the poop out effect. New meds are working and lost 5kg… Another 12kg to go and I will be happy again.

On any given day I can be any or all of these. Well, there’s more, but we won’t be going into that at the moment.


  1. It is interesting how many things we have in common. The two big ones are writing and photography. So glad you have decided to join both Story Mint and Writer’s Pen. I look forward to reading your creations in the future. Also would not mind seeing your pictures. Oh I really admire the fact that you are bilingual. I know that is not unusual in SA but it is in USA! Have never been to SA but I have wanderlust and am going to retire in 18 months so it could happen.

    1. Hi Mrellan 🙂 Let me know when you’re planning a trip to SA and I can give you tips on what is a must see. I’m in the process of picking photo’s for a local competition. Will be posting them on facebook soon to get opinions on which ones to submit. The next few weeks are going to be crazy between kids and holiday plans, but will hopefully submit something for the group in the next week or so. It’s really nice to have a group to chat to about the writing 🙂

  2. Sumanda, I just read about MARGATE. I laughed my head off. We have a Margate in the UK and it is on the coast with a beach. Most of the year it is the most uninteresting place you could possibly go to. From now on I’m going to avoid all places with that name.

    1. Actually Margate in SA is quite a nice holiday spot. Great beach, lovely tidal pool, nice splash pool next to the beach for the little ones, an informal market stretching down the coastal road and the famous waffles at the Wimpy right on the main beach. However NOT during the Christmas and Easter holiday’s. Then it’s a certifiable mad house. 🙂

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