About my Photography

Photography has been my passion since I’ve been a small child. However my one shot at training was unfortunately through the Air Force and I just couldn’t cut it through basics. Being told what to do without thinking just didn’t agree with me at all.

Reality set in and I started working in administration. Never having learned how to type at school. 😀 That was quickly fixed by a five afternoon training program at CTU, where I ended up getting to 35 words per minute (passing rate for matric typing). A few years later and my typing speed was up to 98 words per minute with a 95% accuracy rate.

But I digress, during all this time I still took pictures as often as I could afford (film days) and as I had a working camera. I got my first digital camera after my first son was born. Photographs became a necessary element for the company I worked for. They needed photographs for marketing purposes of the projects they had completed. And there were a lot. So my first “photography” action happened to be pictures of buildings, shopping centres, etc.

Our family expanded and needless to say I have a HUGE amount of pictures of the kids. Some candid, others posed.

I love nature so that also became a photography subject.

I did have a go at doing professional photography, but the business side of things seriously undermined my success.

Now I take photographs of what interests me and the odd outside job for friends and family. Happiness all around.

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