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Remember the Dikkop couple?

You don’t?  Here’s the link to the first post about them: Spotted Dikkop


One of their eggs disappeared from their nest.  For a while they were very upset with anyone coming close to their area.  They’d stand there with their wings spread, hissing at the intruder.  Eventually the little chick hatched.  I took these photo’s soon after the little one got active.


Oh Yeah?!


A family portrait

Spotted Dikkop

Burhinus capensis   44cm tall

Larger and darker than the Water Dikkop, with obviously spotted upperparts. Lacks a wing bar or panel, but has two small white patches on each upperwing visible in flight. Nocturnal.

Sexes are alike and immature resembles the adult. Habitat is grassland and savanna (or my garden). Status common resident.  Call a rising then falling “whiw-whiw-whiw”, especially at night. ~ Sasol Birds of Southern Africa


This couple moved in about two or three weeks ago.  It took me a while to understand exactly what was going on.  I’ve been meaning to take some pictures for more than a week now and finally grabbed my camera for their photoshoot this morning.

They trust in camouflage for safety.  First the male will try to get your attention by running away.  If that doesn’t work, the female will also get up and run away. Hoping that you will follow them instead of disturbing the nest.


Can you spot her?



See her now?


And away she goes…


The eggs


Mom and Dad keeping watch