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Gacgon the Sorcerer

The moon silvered the night as the cloaked figure shambled up the road to the castle nestled in the cliffs. Tired and annoyed, he gave the postern gate three thumps with his walking stick.

Minutes later the guard opened the view port and grumbled, “What?” with a sleep cracked voice.

“Go to Frederick, tell him Gacgon is back.”

The guard looked more closely at the man and rushed to open the gate. Not many would enter the castle by faking to be the owner. And he definitely didn’t want to be the one to keep the sorcerer out of his own home. The sorcerer wasn’t known for his compassion.

“Also tell him that you were sleeping on duty.” It was said with complete indifference. Gacgon firmly expected the guard to do exactly as told. The guard would lose his job and would be unable to put food on the table for his family. But his fate was out of Gacgon’s mind the moment that he crossed the flagstone courtyard.

He was ready. Years of research and the last year collecting the items needed for his triumph was at an end. The thought of the council’s regard after this act of magic convinced him that it was impossible to fail. That tiny lingering speck of self-doubt was all that stopped him from sending for witnesses to the magic. Once he was in possession of the fyredrake, the Council of Sorcerers had to acknowledge him the most accomplished sorcerer of all time.

No one had attempted this in more than a hundred years. Records relating to their creation were insubstantial, spotty at best. The fragment of parchment found while he studied the habits of the Hiato dragons gave him the clue to solve the riddle.

A controlled fyredrake excited his imagination to the extent that he was unable to concentrate on anything else. It took ten more years of study to ferret out all the legends regarding the fyredrakes. The snowspurt mandrake essence was the one ingredient that was the hardest to find.

He kicked awake a keep boy as he entered the main building.

“Tell Mrs Ratleigh I am home and have need of her in my laboratory.”

“No need sir, I was expecting you to get back tonight. I’ve prepared some mead for you as well as something small to eat,” Mrs Ratleigh said from the side entrance. The keep boy scooted into a corner out of Gacgon’s way.

“Good, Mrs Ratleigh, I’ll take the food and drink in my laboratory. We have much to do tonight,” Gacgon said and started up the winding stairs to his laboratory.

Mrs Ratleigh knew when her master was impatient. She grabbed the platter with the food and drink that she had prepared earlier and hurried to the laboratory.

Gacgon already had his largest cauldron next to the fire that he started with a simple spell. He was prepared for the exhausting hours that the fyredrake spell would take.

Fairy Blessings

Kali pulled the weathered bag strap back onto her shoulder as she ran over the old troll bridge. Through the tall trees she saw the sun touching the almost invisible horizon. Harvest festival starts just after sunset. Thinking of the hot pastries and sticky fruit she loved made her mouth water. She might even try a taste of the honeyed mead this year. Kali wore her best shirt with the elaborate stitching on the sleeves she had learned to do this year. But bare feet flying down the dirt path took her past the silent fairy ring to Greenside Village.

The fairy ring was tended by the village with the usual offerings of fruit, nuts and craft. The amount decreased each year that the fairies stayed away. Some villagers believed they would not return. Only the elders remembered how much the fairies made the festivals magical. Just their fickle blessings were unwanted. Blessings were a double-edged sword. Hew, the last child blessed by the fairies, ended up crippled from only a stubbed toe.

A flicker of movement caught her eye when she stopped to place her offering at the fairy ring. Kali turned slowly as she tried to find the source. It took her a few seconds to see the skittish Fawn that stared at her, his one hand clasped tightly around a small tree trunk. Kali fell over backwards and landed on her backside in surprise.

“Good day… a … Sir Fawn… may I be of service?” Her heart pounding, Kali stammered the almost forgotten greeting to the fairy kin, as she scrambled to get back on her feet.

A sudden giggle escaped the Fawn, his brown eyes sparkled with suppressed mirth. “Good day young one, I seem to require your help. My name is Hest of the Half End Fawn Circle,” the Fawn introduced himself with a small bow.

“I am Kali Weaverskin of Greenside Village, how may I help thee?” She curtsied. Formal greetings with the fairy kin were most important. If offended, a fairy would lay a dire curse on you.

“Miss Kali Weaverskin of Greenside Village, I seem to have inadvertently become entangled with a vicious thorn,” the Fawn said. A look of pain flashed across his face. Kali glanced down to see a large thorn sticking out the back of the hoof.

“I will do my utmost to remove the thorn that troubles you, Sir Hest, Fawn of the Half End Fawn Circle,” Kali said. Fear pounded in her heart and pulled her throat tight. She squatted next to Sir Hest and gently picked up his hoof. She took firm hold of the thorn. One sharp jerk was all she needed to pull the thorn free. With a whisper and a wink the Fawn disappeared.

Kali stumbled back in shock. Did she truly hear him say bless you child?

Dusk pressed firmly down around her as she picked up her bag. She ran like never before to tell Grandma Aimes what happened.