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TPP – Walk about

Today’s TPP was supposed to be patterns, but this morning was misty with the sun starting to peek through the clouds so I decided to go walk about.  I’m in the lucky position that we live in the bushveld, so my walk about was in the veld with my green gumboots.


Raindrops on the news shoots of a bluegum tree


Itsy Bitsy Spider…


Flowing water
Grass close to the river


Raindrops on a thorn tree
A rare find – mushrooms growing out of cow dung


More mushrooms




More succulents


Quick snap


I don’t know why I find this last picture so nice.  It was just a quick snap on my way back to the house.


TPP – Colours

Today’s TPP was a very short shoot.  I’m busy planning and organising my oldest boy’s birthday party on Saturday.  That’s why I’m cheating a bit today.  The first lot are pics I took this morning in the garden.

Yellow & White


Brown & Green


Gray green






Now this is where the cheating starts :).  These are pics I’ve taken long ago.

Misty green


Brown & Green






Next week’s TPP is going to be lots of fun.  The theme is UP and it’s open to interpretation :).  Enjoy and remember to show me your pics on the facebook page.


TPP – Landscape, Nature & Travel

Hope you all had a great day with today’s TPP.  My day started out slowly.  After several pit stops I finally took a trip around Hartbeespoortdam and took most of these.



This is going to sound terrible, but this bird died seconds before this shot was taken.  Every year for 3 or 4 months we get a huge flock of storks that stay over during our summer time.  Each year we find some that have died next to the road.  This morning when I took the kids to school, this one was lying in the road.  I moved it to the side of the road, but I could see that there wasn’t much hope for it.  Later I returned to find it barely alive. As I setup my tripod to take the picture, the stork died.  Can you see the fly on the eye?


So boys and girls, what do you think?  Which of these is your favourite shot?

TPP playing with lenses

Today’s TPP was all about lenses.  First assignment was to take a picture with two different lenses.  Okay, I’m going to admit to taking a short cut on this one :D.  Instead of using two different lenses I used a zoom lens.

The second assignment was to take two pictures that are exactly the same. By changing the depth of field so that one is partially in focus and the other one has everything in focus.  I took this in the wild fig bush.  It’s not extremely exciting, but on the shallow depth of field photo I just love the shadowed effect of the other trees.

That was the extent of the assignments on lesson three.  But!  I was playing around with the zoom lens and came up with these zooming shots (covered in lesson 5 that we will be skipping)

And then, we’ll probably do a nice editing series of TPP’s, but I started with a crop and ended up with this:


Like I mentioned we’re going to skip lesson 4 and 5 in the MorgueFile classroom.  Lesson 4 deals with the various type of film you can shoot with and lesson 5 with soft focus, filters, zooming and panning.  Next week’s TPP will be about lesson 6:  Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography.  Way more fun, don’t you think?  If you do want to have a look at the other two lessons feel free to click on the links.

TPP – abstract photo…

…based entirely on the compositional rules.

I need to thank  “The Galloping Granny” in Hartbeespoort for today’s TPP .  They very graciously allowed me to storm in there and start shooting like a genuine paparazzi.  And if you are in anyway interested in antiques, just contact Vince, Val and Angelo on 076 832 2250 / 072 545 1534 / 071 267 1879.


Right, quick note before you dig in.  I’m an over achiever, that means I will always take 50 photo’s where 10 would do.  With that in mind :-), let’s start with the first assignment.

Abstract One

This first one  is part of the signage for a new garage in Hartbeespoort.  You don’t want to know about the looks I got when I parked my car on the forecourt and proceeded to zoom in on their sign :-).   I think the fact that I filled up there helped matters though…  I particularly like the contrast between the colours.

Abstract Two

This was at Galloping Granny.  The inside hub and start of the spokes of an old wagon wheel.  The deteriorating wood gives marvelous texture to this picture.

Abstract Three

Again at Galloping Granny.  This is the inside cog of a farm implement (please don’t ask me what, since I’ve got no idea what it was supposed to do :-D).

Abstract Four

Galloping Granny’s.  This is part of (I think) a saxophone.  If I’m wrong, please let me know 🙂

Abstract Five

Galloping Granny’s.  I think this is an old calculator, but I could be dead wrong.  I just love the colours on this one.

Abstract Six

A study in texture.  This is a sort-of closeup of an old tank.

Abstract Seven

I absolutely love the colour in this one.  It’s the inflatable swimming pool we got for our kids in December.

The next pictures are still based on the compositional rules, but these aren’t abstracts.

Blue bottels
Old tank
Field grass
Red Weaver
Purple flowers
Red on green

Heads-up: The Tuesday Photography Project

I’ve decided to start a Tuesday Photography Project.  Basically it means taking my camera on a Tuesday and finding something to photograph.  You might call it getting back to basics if you like.

Now if any of you are interested in doing this with me.  I’d be very chuffed if you’d let me know on my facebook page.  I’ve set up a discussion for the Tuesday Photography Project.  So come along, introduce yourself and we’ll have lots of fun.

Finding a starting place can be a bit daunting, so I’ve revisited the morgueFile.com classroom for ideas.  This week’s TPP will be Lesson 1: Composition And Impact – It’s A Beautiful Photograph, But Do You Know WHY It’s Beautiful?

You’re welcome to share your photographs on my facebook page.  Everyone ready?  Well, check out the lesson and complete assignment 1 and 2.  Upload your photo’s to the facebook wall and we’ll discuss it next week.

Get clicking!