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Gumboot safari

The neighbour’s dam broke last night, flooded our dam and overflowed down stream.  This afternoon we went on a gumboot safari.


Gumboot Safari


Full dam overnight


Wild flowers


Walking cautiously


Creek leaving our property


Growing out of the old


The view towards our house from the North West corner of our property


Up the creek without a paddle…


Old blue gum tree


Ants caught by surprise trying to re-nest


Kibbel kabbel stroompie (Sorry about the Afrikaans :D)


Now why else do you think you need gum boots?


Bushveld ferns


Freshwater crabs? In the bushveld?????


And he wasn’t the only one!


Waterfall in the mountain

Time and our dam

I did a shoot beginning of August 2011 of our dam.  The idea was to show the difference  the time of day makes to the light.

3 Aug 2011, 7:51 AM, f/9, 1/320 sec, ISO-400, 95mm

Early morning light  vs  light just after midday

3 Aug 2011, 2:10 PM, f/5, 1/400, ISO-100, 95mm



Adding the time factor, I took some pictures of our dam after it started drying up this morning.

20 Sep 2011, 8:11 AM, f/10, 1/320 sec, ISO-400, 55mm


And since we’re on the subject of our dam, here’s two pictures I took of the stream that feeds the dam or whats left of it 🙂



A small pool in the stream

Wedding pics

Nope, not mine :).  We attended a wedding on Saturday, and these are some of the pics I took.  This post will have no pics of the bride and groom.  Just some of the pics I took of my family at the wedding.


Water hazard 🙂


The look


Look daddy!


There’s a ball down there!


I don’t like this suit


My family


How do you keep a 4 year old away from the pond?


You tell him there’s a crocodile in the water


Stunning pic of Rivan


Please mommy are we finished?


TPP – Walk about

Today’s TPP was supposed to be patterns, but this morning was misty with the sun starting to peek through the clouds so I decided to go walk about.  I’m in the lucky position that we live in the bushveld, so my walk about was in the veld with my green gumboots.


Raindrops on the news shoots of a bluegum tree


Itsy Bitsy Spider…


Flowing water
Grass close to the river


Raindrops on a thorn tree
A rare find – mushrooms growing out of cow dung


More mushrooms




More succulents


Quick snap


I don’t know why I find this last picture so nice.  It was just a quick snap on my way back to the house.