About my Writing

After my youngest son, Zaan, died on the 8th of April 2008, I started writing to deal with my feelings. This has expanded into writing in general.

That book is coming… definitely someday…

For fictional writing I’ve done, please visit The Story Mint. Free to read I promise! I’ve written quite a few chapters in the serials as well as starters. Enjoy the reading…

The following articles have been published on the Parent24 website in order of publication.

  1. Diagnosis: Down syndrome
  2. What is Down syndrome?
  3. Down syndrome myths
  4. Special needs: you can do it!
  5. Bushveld living
  6. Giving up the career
  7. Spitting Mad
  8. Baby start up costs
  9. The cost of a baby
  10. Baby Zaan’s heart
  11. Baby in hospital
  12. Mom and Dad split up
  13. A virus killed our baby
  14. A deadly virus
  15. Guilt over child’s death
  16. A child’s grief
  17. An upside to divorce?
  18. Spring, friend or foe?
  19. Drowning: the silent death
  20. Drowning facts
  21. How do you keep your child safe from drowning?
  22. Baby hair care
  23. Wonders of baby powder
  24. What moms think of piercings
  25. Tattoo your teen
  26. Are modern moms hopeless?
  27. Tweetalig van kleinsaf?
  28. Gawe oom Gert van Rooyen
  29. Leer ons kinders ’n baster Afrikaans?
  30. What’s the point of Grade R?
  31. Het ouerskap die antwoord tot evolusie?
  32. Is 3 kinders een te veel?
  33. Babas in die kroeg
  34. My child won’t get head lice. Right?
  35. My baby walks funny
  36. Metatarsus Adductus (curved foot)
  37. Tibial Torsion (twisted shin)
  38. Femoral Anteversion (twisted thigh)
  39. 4 steps to surviving potty training
  40. Daddy paid for my career
  41. Night terrors
  42. Is your phone revealing too much?
  43. Dumb TV, dumb children?
  44. When depression spoils the dream
  45. 10 cheap holiday activities

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